About the Division Governor

Division Governor

Lin Wen-rong  林文榮
Address: No. 2, Dongshi Street, Nuannuan District 
Telephone: (02)24579121-101
Current Post: Division Governor of Nuannuan District, Keelung City

Division Governor Picture


Division Chief and Audit of Insurance Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan
Deputy Director of Department of Civil Affairs, Keelung City Government


Administration Visions

 Due to the rise of community conscious and the popularization of local community culture, the district and village administration have gained more attention among its citizen friends. Therefore, associates of the Nuannuan District uphold the spirit of “pursuing improvement, serving sincerely, being humble and having empathy.” We have worked hard in providing citizens with “considerate, convenient and effective” services that “bring about confidence, happiness and hope.” In recent years, due to the rapid social structure changes, the services provided by the district office have become more versatile and complicated. At the same time, citizens have higher anticipation of our service quality. Therefore, improving the citizens’ living quality, promoting a community culture development and beautifying the living environment, re-building the new energy of Nuannuan, and making Nuannuan into “Nuannuan with Happiness” that all citizens are proud of are the major issues and goals of our administration. To improve the living quality of district citizens in accordance with the various major constructions carried out by the city government, along with the existing cultural, historical, natural scenic and economic factors of Nuannuan, the district office has stipulated projects accordingly. Integrating the resources of schools, units and organizations within our administration and with building “Nuannuan with New Energy” as its goal, the district office has taken public opinion and local features into consideration when carrying out various fundamental constructions to suit the demands of the citizens, carrying out administration, and strengthening our services. We sincerely hope that our citizen friends can provide suggestions to our administration and services, while supporting and encouraging the district office. We expect the office to become a citizen-oriented service providing unit.


Future Directions

Make more activity spaces and recreational environments for citizens:

Strengthen the greening and beautification of parks in the neighborhood, making them a comfortable recreational site that meet the dual function of providing citizens with amusement and mind purification.

Promote welfare community operations and strengthen welfare services to seniors living alone and the underprivileged residents.

Continue to promote the digitization of district operations:

The goal of “district operation digitization” is to simplify operating procedures, lessen the employees’ burden, hasten case processing and enhance service efficiency. Therefore, the district office has put into effect efforts to replace manual operations with computers to shorten operating procedures. We will coordinate with the promotion of e-government by the central government will our full effort to provide more convenient services.