Service and Responsibilities

Civil Affairs Office

In charge of self-administration, land registration, education, election, collaboration, hygiene, custom, and other related civil businesses.

Social Affairs Office

In charge of low income households, medium-low income households, elders pension,application of aides for the mental and physical challenged, women of misfortune and dependence less children, emergency and other social aides, community business, model awarding, national health insurance, funeral service administration, and other related social welfare businesses.

Economic Affairs Office

In charge of taxes, farming and tree planting, agriculture, fishing, industrial business,civil engineering and other related manufacturing and construction businesses.

General Affairs Office

In charge of conscription administration, servicemen in control, civil forces organization, military business and replacement of conscription recruitment.


The general book collection is about 23,500 volumes, including 13 kinds of periodicals and 2 kinds of newspapers, and the library provides the lending service that is open to the general public.



Opening Hours:

1. Opening Hours on Weekdays: 9:00 ~ 17:00, from Tuesday to Sunday

2. Opening Hours during summer vacation: It's subject to the most updated announcement in the current year.

    (1) From Tuesday to Friday: 9:00~21:00

    (2) On Saturdays and Sundays: 9:00~17:00

3. Closing Days: Mondays and national holidays


Library Address:

4th Floor, No. 2, Dongshi Street, Nuannuan District, Keelung City


Structure of Authorized Personnel:

There are 2 Contract Employees and volunteers who assist in the affairs of shelving and organizing the books.


Future Prospects:

1. In addition to enriching the library collection, the library also provides diversified, information, and humanized services to meet people's demands requesting for learning, occupation, spiritual growth and leisure information.

2. Act on behalf of the government to advocate governmental policy and play an important bridge that carries out intervention between the government and community residents.

3. Strengthen each service in all aspects and respond to innovation and changes in the era of science and technology, thus to closely integrate the library and people's life, and transform the library into a mobile community college.

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