Nuannuan Railway Station

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No.51, Nuannuan St., Nuannuan Dist., Keelung City












(1) Nuanjiang Bridge Potholes: The biggest signature along Keelung River is the section between Nuannuan and Ruifang with the numerous &ldquo;potholes&rdquo;; and, Nuanjiang Bridge Pothole is actually the largest pothole group located in Nuannuan, Keelung. The biggest characteristics of the landscape lie on both sides and the center of the river as well as the stone surfaces that protrude above the water.<br/>Under the Nuanjiang Bridge, the potholes are classified into three major types, including individual potholes, joint potholes formed by several individual potholes, and large united potholes that consist of several individual potholes. Not far away from Badu Station, there is a riverside park along a stream of clean and clear water under the Nuanjiang Bridge with a huge stone riverbed. Many anglers come on fishing trips in this beautiful place with attractive scenery. On one side of the bridge the river is deeper, the rocks great in number stand everywhere and appear a striking state; while on the other side of the bridge, the huge flat stone riverbed appears eye-catching, and there are waterfowls foraging here, where has a landscape of Red Pavilion and running water, really beautiful!<br/>(2) Nuannuan Station: The station is located 1.5 km away from Badu Station and founded on May 5, 1919. It was changed from a station to an intermediate stopping station in October 12, 1923; and, on July 1, 1979, it was changed to a signal station that operates highway transportation service under the management of Badu Station. On February 16, 1982, it was planned to be included into the Yilan Transportation Section and managed by Sijiaoting Station. On February 15, 1986, it was changed to Simple Station. On March 16, 1989, one staff was appointed to take in charge of ticketing business. By November 16, 1991, it was officially named as Staff-less Station. (The information resources are released by Taiwan Railways Administration.) In 2017, in order to develop light travels in Nuannuan District, Division Governor Lin installed broadcasting devices in Nuannuan station and acquired Nuannuan&#39;s public performance right for sound recordings. Whenever taking trains to Nuannuan, visitors will be greeted by Fish Leong (Liang Jing-ru) with her beautiful voice singing songs of Nuannuan as well as Hsu Hsiao-shun&#39;s life-sized cardboard cut-out that welcome people to take light travels in Nuannuan.<br/>